Dealer Display

Chimney King Displays

Crown Displays increase visibility and customer awareness. The following are standard displays - a wall banner - a miniature cap and pan with brochure holder - a 7" digital picture frame with 80 picture loop - a 2' x 2' copper cap on a stone display - a 2' x 3' green copper cap for an outdoor fireplace. We can also make a custom display for your showroom.


Our large format 34" x 74" Wall Banner features three very large pictures of beautiful chimney caps ( you can select pictures from our picture gallery to suite your market ) with your logo placed front and center ($150 ea). Eventually we hope to replace this banner, with pictures of caps you have done, for free!


Table Top Display

The Table Top Display is Chimney Kings most powerful selling tool. Our experience is that telling a customer about something is one thing, but showing them is better. The display features a 1/3 scale #6 Emperor Chimney Cap in three finishes, a mini chase pan, brochures and holder ($175 ea), and best of all, a 7" digital picture frame with 80 pictures of inspired caps and houses - ($125 ea).

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Display Models are two sided

  • Perfect Copper finish with standing seams
  • Patina Copper with standing seams
  • Black painted steel with smooth finish
  • 12” Wide x 18” Long x 8 1/2” High

Mini Chase Pans are two sided

  • Beauty strips in Perfect Copper & Patina Copper
  • Black painted steel with smooth finish
  • Cross broken w/ 2" collar
  • 15” Wide x 21” Long x 2” Edge

Big Screen TV (pictures coming soon)

For your wall mounted Big Screen TV we have an SD Card with our 80+ picture loop (which we can add your custom pictures to!) ($25 ea). We also offer a 19" flat screen TV with 80 picture loop and SD Card ($150 ea).


Dealer Display Kit (as seen above)

We offer a complete Display Kit for a special price. The Kit includes: one handcrafted mini chimney cap, a matching chase pan, a 7"digital photo frame with an 80 picture loop, 100 brochures, a brochure holder, a 3' x 6' wall banner with your logo, and an extra SD card for that big LCD TV over a fireplace in your showroom! All for one low price. ($375 total for everything!)


Semi-Custom Displays

In addition to our standard displays, we have crafted many Custom Displays for unique settings which may appear within a fireplace store. Common Semi-Custom Displays include a 2' x 2' copper #2 Regal for the top of an indoor stone display ($250 ea), a 2' x 3' aged copper #6 Emperor for an outdoor fireplace ($375 ea), or maybe a custom cap for a chase on your store ($ ?? ). We always welcome ideas for one-of-a-kind custom displays for your one-of-a-kind store!