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In order to quote a price for any Chimney King chimney cap, we do ask that you take the time to fill out (to the best of your ability) the order form below. This helps us give you an accurate price and correct assessment of your situation, including UL requirements for your specific chimney. Filling out the order form before contacting us will considerably speed up the time for us to return a quote for your new custom cap! If you have any questions regarding the form below, please Contact Us, or see the FAQ page for help!

Order Forms

EZ Crown Estimate Form

EZ Pan Estimate Form

Pipe Locator Forms

PL-1 Single Pipe

PL-2 Double Pipe

PL-3 Triple Pipe

Chase Top Measuring Forms

CT-1 Chase ID

By filling out any of these forms you are not obligated to make a purchase. No payment information is collected until a formal order is made.