#32B Double Diamonds

The #32B Double Diamonds

The Double Diamonds Diamonds is a concept shroud that illustrates what can happen when you cut things in half, spin them 90 degrees and set them back down again. In this case, one is able to reorient a chimney, so that the attractive, open ends of the shrouds face the ‘money shot’ side of the house. Twice as nice at double the price. We can do this with all of our Mailbox Style shrouds.

The Double Diamonds is available in 12 finishes. Black, Dk Bronze, Copper and Stucco are popular neutrals. We also offer over 60 "Kynar 500" colors of Painted Steel to help you perfectly match your homes color scheme. Specialty metals, patinas and stucco finishes are also on our menu. We can even use your material.

Chimney Kings resident craftsmen take great care to build each cap to our exacting standards. This ensures your cap will be both impressive and timeless.

Below are sketches of both a standard Double Diamonds and variations we have done or designed. Please take a look at the gallery at the bottom of the page to see more examples of this beautiful and functional addition to your home.