Club Fenders by Robin Gage

Chimney King is proud to offer Robin Gage Original Club Fenders, made in England. Originating in Victorian England to serve the dual purpose of cozy hearthside seating and safety, Club Fenders have evolved into decorative yet functional art.

A natural for any pub, ski lodge or country club setting, Club Fenders work just as well in the home. Club Fenders can make a small room bigger by adding efficient seating, or make a big room smaller by inviting the hearth area into the room.

Original Club Fenders are custom made, handcrafted fireplace surrounds made by skilled English craftsmen. The designs we offer are time honored, and the quality is second to none.

Free standing, Original Club Fenders can be moved about easily, yet they are solid as a rock and very comfortable to sit on.

Robin Gage has designed and made Club Fenders since 1965. His combination of knowledge and skill put him into the rare realm of Master Craftsman. If you have a special request or question, you can email Robin Gage directly.

The Original

The Waymouth

The Rokewood

The Belgrave

The Pimlico

The Caythorpe

The Lowdham

The Hengrave

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