#1 Monarch  is a natural on all styles of architecture. It has an outline that simulates the traditional clean finish of a tapered concrete chimney cap. A simple beauty, but available with options galore. Add a deco pipe and stucco finish for authenticity.

#1B Monaco  is an elegant chimney cap has simple lines, yet a sophisticated effect. The top and bottom rails along with the recessed legs combine to produce a sparse but beautiful shape. This cap is lovely, but still lets the rest of the design do the talking. Magnifique”!

#2 Regal  is easily our most popular design. It works equally well in black on any sided ‘Craftsmen’ style chase or in copper on a rock or stone chase. The 1 ½” tall standing seams play nicely off the mortar lines in a brick chase as well. Top and bottom trims are hot right now.

#2B Royale'  is stately and refined, the Royale’ offers classic lines and enough detail to keep it interesting. Aerodynamic as well as strong, this beauty can do it all.

#2C Rings of Saturn   are contemporary and provocative, this celestial trip is truly out of this world. With the combined effect of an oversized roof, diagonal standing seams and a large lower trim – this cap is an attention magnet that knows no bounds. Add a shooting star, or the sun and moon and make it your own!

#3 Dynasty  follows the clean lines of the Monarch, but with an extra detail band above the leg gap, and a smaller footprint. It looks absolutely fabulous on stucco chases – especially if done in our ready for stucco exterior. You might want to add a Mosaic Sun Face, or a few tile diamonds for flair! So clean and easy you might never even notice it.

#4 Majesty  sports tapered lines and standing seams similiar to the Regal, but with a little more excitement. Adding a top trim band is a nice touch on this one. For an instant classic, use T-111 vertical siding on your chase, several layers of trim boards at the top and a dental trim – then send us a picture!

#5 Empress  is blessed with a provocatively sexy shape that lets her get away with anything. She works easily on all French architecture -- putting a terra cotta deco pipe on top is a wonderful accent and completes the illusion. Her soft curves and demure presence have made the Empress a perennial favorite.

#5B Lotus Blossom  is a valued member of our special operations Mirage Team. The Lotus Blossom offers intoxicating beauty, coupled with safety. The ‘Lotus Blossom Effect’ can be applied to many of our solid sided caps to allow extra ventilation for your fireplace system. Truly quixotic!

#5C La Mons  is sexy, curvy, and flowery - an oyster to the eye - this cap is dedicated to my old / new friend 'Little Cleo'. Velvet smooth with lush lines and a deep, destinctive profile, this butterfly will take you all the way there. Next step . . . Paradise.

#6 Emperor  is a truly magnificent cap. The standing seams, which we stretch and curve by hand, give this cap strength and power, while its natural curves make it graceful. This cap is "magic" on a field stone chase, or anything French Country. Add a top and bottom trim to create even more drama, then set it like a bomb with an "X Detail" pedestal base in lieu of standard feet. Magic!

#6B Temptress  Oooooh-la-la! Inspired by the Gods and named to honor the dynamic cosmic essence of our super star designer - Becky Alexis - www.hivearchitecture.com - this saucy cap brims with refinement and class, while simmering with sassy, bold confidence. Provocative and sultry, this Siren is truly irresistible. Guaranteed to light up any roofline lucky enough to feel her touch. *Sailor Beware!

#6C Haute Provence  , Inspired by the rolling hills and classic architecture of Provence, France. The lovely Haute Provence Chimney Crown is another of our fine caps developed and refined by the deftly creative hand of Becky Alexis, www.hivearchitecture.com. If you are wondering what makes this cap so special – it is packed with je ne say quois! At least that is our best guess…

#7 Princess  Like its elegant sister the Empress, this beauty works with all French architecture and looks especially nice on a stucco chase. Not limited to French design, the Princess will play off of a homes curved accents and make them her own. Spoil her silly with stucco and tile accents and she won’t disappoint!

#7D Gazellioness  -- aka: ‘Stretch’
Long, lean, fast and curvy – this rich, scintillating, pageant of shape is an overload of sensory delight! Mystical and enigmatic, this shy and rarely seen design hints of French architecture while keeping her keen sights south on the Serengeti Plain. Wild, free and unfettered, the ‘Gazellioness’ is a humble tribute to our leggy, beguiling and inspiring friend and muse – Phoebe - at SMS Inc.

#8 Prince  - formerly the cap known as !@ - Prince is a fancy cap with smooth moves. Sporting a detail band above the leg, the Prince offers a little more detail than the Emperor and a smaller UL footprint. Building out your chase top with a three part crown molding sets the right stage for this caps entrance. Drum roll please!

#10 Imperial  is a solid, working man’s, all purpose cap which looks particularly good on New England style shingle sided chases. The Imperial does its job quietly, with-out drawing attention to its spartan presence. However, you can take advantage of the minimal footprint this cap offers, then light it up with options like recessed panels and neon lights!

#11 Centurion  Like the Imperial, offers a minimal footprint with a splash more panache. Spice it up with some of our exotic options or toss it up there as is. The Centurion is a good soldier and will perform as ordered.

#12 Spanish Arches  is a lovely Southwestern design with many options. The arches are available in round or eyebrow profiles and we offer grills for inside of them in lattice, ½ round tiles and wrought iron. We also offer several top trim profiles for this cap. Viva Mexico!

#13 Colonnades  is made up of narrow recessed panels, which can have a solid or open back. Stretching this cap taller improves its aesthetics, as does adding some trim bands. Mount a desert styled iron sculpture on its face for added three dimensionality.

#14 Georgian  is a dignified, southern cap in the Federalist / Neo Classic / Georgian styles of architecture. Like the Imperial, it makes the most of the chase due to its vertical sides. Placing a copper diamond on its face adds a rich detail. This is one that would surely look great on the White House with a Seal of the United States relief or at least alot better than those late addition ‘metal pipe caps’ that are wreaking havoc on the original designs roofline. Please send a letter to your congressman and let them know how silly those metal pipes look and that yes, we can see them. The Emperor needs new caps….

#15 Venetian  is a unique and special design of ours. It is airy and non-restrictive and provides a Contemporary alternative to standard caps. The Venetian is particularly good on small (too small) chases. The blades are available in three profiles: flat – bent up – bent down. Cute with a little roof too!

#16 Trumpeteer  exalts the heavens, by unfolding upward and flowering atop the chimney chase. While we do have several dedicated designs for the Trumpeteer that are curved in nature, we can take any of our designs, modify them and them turn them upside down for you. Got a crazy idea for us, don’t worry – only people are crazy. Now send that idea in here.

#16B Bimini Half Twist  utilizes interior Bishop Arches and outward curving walls to create a dreamy island effect. Done in white and blue stucco, the Bimini Twist plays into the Neo classic / Egyptian Revival look of Miami in the 1920’s. We offer both a Half Twist and the complete Full Twist for those who like to twist all night.

#16C Asian Bouquet  is a delicate and detailed cap designed by a wonderful architect from Japan. Originally designed for a Tudor style building in Nagasaki Japan, this ornate and mysterious cap would help more chimneys than it would hurt. Sayonara ugly chimney!

#17 Octocrown  is perfect for all 8 sided chases. It can have tapered or vertical sides, and if tapered – it can have either 4 trapezoid sides and 4 square sides (sharp!) or all 8 sides can be trapezoid. Add an Octopussy for a happy ending. Not legal in all 50 states, check with your local authorities.

#18 Sunset  provides an easy leggy finish to the top of the chimney. Available with a solid or open top, the Sunset offers excellent, albeit bland, visual distraction. One advantage of the open top Sunset is it does not restrict flue gases from rising or blowing sideways away from the chase. Now that’s handy!

#19 Anglo  is an Avant Garde solution to the design problem created when round metal mushroom caps destroy the clean contemporary lines of an angled, sloping chase top. Add a window and a single top trim and a little stucco for a mountain slope effect. We can match the pitch of your chase, or start the Anglo off on a flat chase and add the angle of your choice.

#20 Contempo   is a modern design that can sport an open or solid roof. It is a very unrestrictive design, which can solve problems caused by pipe traffic jams. Making this out of stainless would be ruggedly Contemporary and vividly accent any desert-mountain background with its shiny presence. Putting a diamond lattice in the openings brings this cap back into traditional architectural lines.

#21 Mission  is a Southwestern design. It can have single or multiple arches – round or eyebrow – and the roof is designed to hold Spanish Clay tile roofing. Making the body stucco ready and adding a diamond lattice in the windows makes this cap untouchable!

#22 Chateau  is a saucy French flavored chimney cap set on top of ornate legs. It is a beautiful, highly detailed piece which sets off a chimney with a gentle bang. Classy -- very European – simply a gem. New Orleans was made for this cap.

#23 Bastille  features thin vertical bars which provide an inviting shape to distract the eye away from the pipes inside. Customization is encouraged. Ventilated to a fault, the open sides and top do not interfere with flue gas exhausts. A nice, all purpose cap that is open to suggestion.

#24 Camelot  is a castle like chimney cap that offers the suggestion of turrets – windows - drawbridges and moats without being corny. Our ‘Seaside Castle’ version features arching window recesses and a lower profile. The ‘Mountain Castle’ version has a tall, lean profile and stands higher thanks to its leg gaps. This svelte set of cap gets more attractive the longer you look at it. Keep looking….

#24C Castle Rock  offers an authentic turreted design that is ready for brick w/ stone outcrops and limestone caps. The large center opening simulates the front door of a castle, with-out the drawbridge of course – that is an extra. The built in air gaps, large half round openings, and open top make this a very airy design and an honorary Mirage Team member. It would surely take Merlin’s magic to conjure up something better. This really is The Crowning Touch in action.

#25 Desert Tiles  is a brand new, award winning design that debuted at the 2009 NCSG trade show. This Southwestern / Desert styled work of art which gives the impression it is a heavy masonry frame with real clay tile half round tiles filling the windows. In reality it is lightweight at under 100 pounds! Stucco paint on metal, what a concept. Thank you Jeff.

#26 Tuscany  leans on the tall, narrow lines of ancient Rome’s middle class villas. We offer several profiles of the Tuscan, and we can add a hip roof to it if desired. Strong yet airy, this cap can safely cross the rugged architectural lines between French Normandy – Mediterranean – and Southern Italy’s Tuscan stylings and come out unscathed.

#27 El Camino  is a free spirited and fast wheeling, southwestern styled chimney cap that would look great in a stucco finish. Its windows come in round or eyebrow arches, diamond, square cut or pear shapes. A born Low Rider, this El Camino is gonna take you higher. ‘Take a little trip, take a little trip…’

#28 Shadow Box  is a quiet cap built with stealth technology that can fly under radar. The body of the Shadowline is usually mesh, lattice or louvers and its wide overhanging brim is open in the center. Prairie style homes are a natural candidate for this cap, as are contemporary designs. ‘Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadowline knows….’

#29 Iron Maiden  provides visual distraction with a European charm. With or with/out leg gaps, the Iron Maiden allows ample ventilation, and with the open top option we consider her to be part of our Mirage team of caps.

#29B Iron Maiden Open Arch Top  is an inspired design with the feel of French Country / Cottage. One of our best sellers, she sports an arching top and a rising sun pattern of standing seams on the face of the arches, and the roof. Not only does the Iron Maiden make the top of the chimney pure, beautiful and refreshed again, she also imprisons the ugly metal pipes that have given modern chimneys a tortured look for so long. This cap adorns 5 Chimneys on the 2002 ‘New American Home’ by Christopher Homes in Las Vegas.

#29C Iron Maiden Open Barrel Top  has a rounded ‘Barrel Top’ that can come with or with-out standing seams – depending on how dressy the occasion. Put ‘Roll out the Barrel’ on the turntable and get out of her way, the polka is her thing!

#30 Roundhouse   is also known as a Texas Top in the Lone Star State. A knockout of a design, our version features a wide, sturdy face plate with a deep return back to a screened opening. Some pipe manufacturers require leg gaps (HHT) while other require a vented roof (Majestic). Others (Martin) don’t seem to allow anything at all. Do your homework, or just call us.

#31 Barreltop   has the form of the Roundhouse, but with a 2” standing seam encircling the body every 12” or so. This is a time consuming cap that must be ordered well in advance, as every standing seam ‘hoop’ must be hand stretched. A lot of work, but worth the effort. Hey bartender …

#32 Bishop's Arch   is one of the oldest and most revered shapes in architecture since the middle ages. It has rising, graceful sides and it comes to a distinct point on the top. It is a simple and beautiful shape whose open ends lends themselves to various treatments like wrought iron ‘twists’ or grills that look like ½ round clay tiles.

#32B Double Diamonds  is a concept shroud that illustrates what can happen when you cut things in half, spin them 90 degrees and set them back down again. In this case, one is able to reorient a chimney, so that the attractive, open ends of the shrouds face the ‘money shot’ side of the house. Twice as nice at double the price. We can do this with all of our Mailbox Style shrouds.

#32C Trinity  is another concept shroud that shows what can happen when you actually put things on top of other things. What we get this time is a lofty design that pulls the eye heavenward. Humble as well, the Trinity is spiritual without being preachy. More or less three Bishop Arches stacked with a lovely center detail reminiscent of a Fleur De Lis, the Trinity can be done in most of our Mailbox shroud styles. It surely would look good with diamond lattice grills in its lower windows and a wrought iron detail in the top window.

#33 Cardinal  is a strong and rugged cap which follows the design lines of the Bishop’s Arch, bit carries standing seams on its exteriors. This allows the discreet addition of roof vents or leg gaps with out a loss of aesthetics. “Thank you Jesus, Thank you lord!” -- Mick Jagger

#34 Mediterranean Arches  are a Moorish flavored design that is heavy on curves and points. If you are building a palace rather than a castle, you might want to give this one a second look. The Crowning Touch works on palaces of all shapes.

#35 Sultan  has the heavy, dreamy curves and sharp, distinct points that Persian architecture is renowned for. It is highlighted by flashing Scimitar Swords! (really standing seams) These seams must be hand forged to follow the Sultans undulating curves. Worth a kings ransom!

#36 Archangel  is a heavenly design that serves as a portal for your chimneys journey to the attractive side. The large eyebrow arches can have keystones if desired, and the sides can be solid, open, or ornamentally detailed. This cap is available in an arching or square format. The arched front can even have louvered slots cut into it for a fine design twist!

#37 Adobe  is our modest offering to Pueblo style architecture. It is a simple and functional shape, but it can certainly be seasoned with a little salsa and architectural reliefs to create the flavor you are looking for. ‘Ready for Mud’ is our most popular finish for this one.

#38 Aspen  started out as a simple, utilitarian cap with a roof, then evolved into an elegant and classy little design. The roof lines have extended, the legs have gotten bigger and the base is now pulled in from the edges of the chase. We can make the roof pitch to match your houses roof. Screen is never a bad idea…

#39 Chalet  like the Aspen, protects the chase top with a gable roof. With standing seams in its roof, the Chalet is a stylish cap that fits right in with Mountain Haus / Swiss styled architecture. These caps are airy and unrestrictive, yet they have strong architectural lines with-out being overly specific.

#39B Miss Swiss  is a leggy variation of the Chalet, that incorporates interior metal arch supports and face details. It has the old world charm of a European ski village. Bring your own hot cocoa and marshmallows!! Brandy anyone?

#40 Sentry  is a diligent and watchful cap that stands guard over many a southern California chimney. Also known as a ‘Dawg House’, these towering caps can turn into a ‘Bird House’ if you are not careful. We offer screen to keep birds out, as well as electrified bird wire and spring loaded bird spikes! Pigeon on a stick anyone?

#41 Outpost  is a strong cap that provides protection as well as visual distraction. It has standing seams on its exterior and it usually comes screened. Leg gaps are optional, unless they are required for your pipe assembly. Particularly sharp in Dark Bronze with light colored standing seams.

#42 Moon Beam  is a celestial cap of unusual persuasion. Distinctly alien, she provides a natural home for the mother termination cap when it comes homes to roost. Screening the open ends will keep it there. Tractor beams optional.

#43 Denver Half Moon  – formerly the Denver Half Moon, formerly the Colorado Half Pipe, is our tribute to Ross Battaglia and the ‘Gold Medal’ spirit of freedom and success he stands for. This is, of course, a natural for Mountain architecture. The Half Moon is light & airy, yet it protects the chase top from the really nasty elements. Go big or go home…

#44 Flying Quarter Barrel  is a timeless concept that lends itself to architecture as well as college living. In this case, our flying ¼ barrel

#47 Magic Door  is a fun little cap that offers great visual distraction, while hardly interfering with the dispersion of flue gases at all! The ½ round grills simulate clay tiles perfectly, and the round top provides a nice shape which sheds water easily.

#48 Quadrophenia  is another concept cap, which illustrates what can be done with many of our styles of Mailbox caps. The four sides of the shroud come together in the middle, then intersect, merge and finally unify. This shroud can be done in its standard ‘archtop’ format, or a ‘square’ format. Both are stunning and eye-catching to a fault. Bellboy!!

#50 High Hat  is a hard working cap that protects the chimney from the elements. Its roof fends off sleet - rain - snow and hail while its center band shields the termination cap from direct wind gusts. This cap works with many styles of architecture. Matching the roof pitch and shingle color creates a quiet, but perfect finish for your rooflines chimneys.

#51B Becky's Wright  is a cap wright out of Wright’s Usonian period. An attempt to organically grow a chimney cap out of the chimney, this cap can be surly and unyielding. Flirtacious to a fault, feminine guile is this caps undoing. Brilliant and mercurial, try and stay on this caps good side and you might just end up with a classic for the ages. No pain no gain…

#72 Rotunda  is a well rounded cap that provides protection from the elements, as well as continuous ventilation on all sides. The exterior can be round and smooth with a smooth roof, or it can be split up into 6 or 8 sides (an octagon) and the roof can have flat keystone shaped panels for a more geometric look. We like arches for the windows, but we can do any shape that your creativity will allow. Putting a return into the windows and a grill detail – lattice or crosses – makes for a whole new level of class and style. Go round or go home!

#77 Wild Kites  is a special breed. Unlike domesticated kites - which are kid safe - Wild Kites have no tail and can fly backward and forward with equal grace and ease. Coming to a point on both ends, Wild Kites soar like eagles on the slightest breeze, but always stay perched during bad storms.