Ten Year Limited Warranty

Terms and Conditions

  1. Chimney King Chimney Crowns (Shrouds) are custom, "One of a kind Products". We make over 70 variations in caps, in over 50 finishes and all are made to custom sizes. As such, Chimney King has a No Return and No Restocking program with our dealers and end users. However, Chimney King guarantees to the original purchaser or subsequent owner that our Chimney Crowns will meet original contract specs, and be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service, per the conditions as defined below, for a period of Ten Years.
  2. During the applicable warranty period - Ten Years - Chimney King shall repair or replace at no cost any product found to have been defective. Chimney King does not assume liability for the shipping cost to end user, or any other costs besides supplying a free replacement product. All shipping cost must be borne by the end user.
  3. If a product is found to be defective and Chimney King repairs or replaces the product with a new or reconditioned product identical to the original specs, Chimney King does not assume any responsibility for the labor necessary to remove and replace said replacement Chimney Crown.
  4. Chimney King assumes no responsibility for misc labor, service calls, damage caused by accident, misuse, negligence, abuse or acts of God.
  5. Corrosion damage: Certain geographic areas of the world are prone to excessive corrosion and Chimney Crowns must be ordered to withstand these corrosive effects for the Ten Year Replacement Warranty to be in effect. These include:
    1. Ocean / salt air is a corrosive element that requires a stainless steel subframe to be used in order to preserve the ten year guarantee and keep it in effect.
    2. Emissions from certain chimney flues - Oil and Coal fired boilers in specific and other types of mechanical boilers, furnaces or discharge sources - can be corrosive to standard mill finish Galvanized and Aluminized Steel as well as primed Galvanized and Aluminized Steel sheet metal. Stainless Steel must be substituted as a sub-frame material in order for our ten year replacement guarantee to stay intact.
    3. Certain geographic areas of the US and Canada depend on coal fired power plants which produce excessive acid rain. In these areas a stainless steel subframe is also necessary to preserve our warranty as stated above.
    4. Should an unforeseen corrosion problem not stated above arise, please contact customer service and we will work to satisfy you on a per case basis.
  6. Shipping damage: Shipping damage is outside the control of Chimney King and is a fact of life. Over 14 years, Chimney King has averaged less than 2% damage from freight transportation, but it does happen. In the unfortunate event your product is damaged in transit, Chimney King will expedite a replacement of your product at no cost as Chimney King realizes time is of the essence in replacement matters. We regret this inevitability, so to mitigate our customer's dismay and discomfort, it is our policy to begin reconstruction of damaged shipments immediately upon notification of damage and possibly upon return of damaged goods, and speed replacement Crowns to our customers. It is Chimney Kings policy to replace damaged shipments with new Chimney Crowns or parts, as necessary, as quickly as possible.
  7. Chimney King wishes to maintain good customer relations with all of our customers, and may waive any or all of the above restrictions for replacement Chimney Crowns at its sole discretion.
  8. There is no express representation, warranty, or conditions relating to Chimney King Products other than this limited "8 point" Ten Year Warranty as stated above.