Chimney King is proud to offer over 90 painted steel color options. Our Price list is based on the colors from our primary supplier, Firestone / Una-Clad (noted as Chimney King Color Chart). The up charges for the different suppliers are as follows:

  1. Chimney King Color Chart: Colors 1-33 are our standard colors, standard price.
  2. Berridge: Colors 50-81 are an additional $50.00 per order (not per crown)
  3. Pac-Clad: Colors 100-135 are an additional $50.00 per order (not per crown)

Standard Chimney King Color Chart
(colors 1-33)

Una-Clad / Firestone
(800) 426-7737

Berridge ***
(colors 50-81)

Berridge ***
(800) 669-0009

Pac-Clad ***
(colors 100-136)

Pac-Clad ***
(815) 725-3030

Zinc Colors

RheinZink Zinc Colors

VMZINC Zinc Colors

Exotic Metal Colors - Call for availability (847) 244-8860


MetalFX Colors

Granite Colors

Rustic Colors

Camouflage Colors

Pebble Colors

Rawhide Colors

Dazzle Colors - Not for external use.


When it comes to pre-painted materials, we prefer to make our crowns from 24 gauge Steel because of the Strength & Value of steel. However, upon request and with an Up Charge, most of our colors are available in .032 gauge Aluminum. Please call for quote.