Chimney King is designed to be an oasis of beautiful, architecturally correct, high quality, custom chimney Caps / Crowns / Shrouds. We also strive to be a bastion of quality and safety. Our chimney shrouds can carry a UL Listing and UL Label and our guarantee is ten years. Our chimney shrouds meet the requirements of the International Building Codes, when they are used in conjunction with compatible factory built fireplaces and chimneys - per the instructions.

Started by a custom builder who felt the world needed better looking chimney caps, Chimney King has increased its product-line from 3 to over 89 styles with options galore, thanks in large part to the input of architects and designers like you. We are always willing to try something new, so your ideas for new styles, options, and finishes are welcome.

Chimney King also manufactures other specialty products including False Chimneys, Chase Pans, and Bay Window Roofs. We carry Sonoran Fireplaces. Sonoran (real brick – pre-fab) Fireplaces which are made with the fire brick pre-laid into their side and floor panels! They fit together in ten pieces like Lego’s and then connect to a metal chimney flue much like Isokern. It is fast, perfect every time, and you don’t need a mason!

Designing chimney caps that are architecturally inspired, and meet the fireplace and chimney manufacturers’ sizing and spacing requirements, is a little harder than you might think. We recommend that when you start your design process, carefully choose a fireplace and chimney system that can accommodate a custom shroud (many can’t), size the chase to suit the needs of the fireplace and chimney system, design the chimney chase to properly encompass the chimney pipe and then we can help you select a shroud and finish that suits the style of your project.

We offer in house design consulting and review, as well as professional design services through Becky Alexis Design of Denver.

We will soon be providing blueprint ready architectural details, and blueprint ready CAD drawings of all of our Chimney Caps to streamline your design process. In the interim please feel free to contact us and we will assist you in whatever way possible.

FYI: Minimum chase framing requirements for a chase with a shroud are approximately 35% larger than the minimum framing requirements for a chase without a shroud. Example – A chase for a Majestic wood-burning Fireplace with 2” clearance to combustibles and 2 x 4 construction could be as small as a 24” x 24”. But – Majestic’s top opening minimum for a shroud is 26” x 26” – then add 5” each side for pitch and 2” each side for a foot and slight recess and your chase top minimum is suddenly at 40” x 40”!!!

For a shroud that meets the codes and carries a UL Listing and Label, be sure and confirm the required chase sizing, pipe spacing and chase pan fabrication minimums.

Good luck designing beautiful and inspired chimneys. We look forward to working with you!


Team Chimney King