Chimney King offers a large selection of options for our many Chimney Caps! Our Philosophy is it is better to have too many options than not enough! Besides custom Length and Width, we offer custom total Height, Slope per Side, Leg Styles, and much, much more! Contact us and let us know if you need something special. After you've selected your options, fill out an Estimate Form and we'll send you a quote asap.


Our Georgian with a copper diamond accent highlights the beauty of this option. We offer a variety of decorative accents in metal & mosaic tiles.

Beauty Strips

The silver edge of the chase pan is unsightly. We make an overflashing trim - "Beauty Strips" which can be color coordinated with the chimney crown or the homes trim colors. They are offered in any of our finishes.

Bird Spikes & Electric Fence

Because of the prime bird stoop a chimney cap sometimes provides, many of our customers ask that we outfit bird spikes to the top of the Chimney Cap in order to safely discourage birds from landing on the top and creating an unsightly mess. We can also offer solar powered, electrified top wires for your cap. Shockingly good!

Chase Pans

We offer custom built chase pans in Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, 60 colors of painted steel, and 20 oz Copper. Please Let us know the size, hole locations, Material, and edge size when Ordering

Chase Pan Spacer Brackets

Along with Chase Pans, We offer Chase Pan spacer brackets which ventilate the chase pan by holding the pan above the chase and off the sides of the chase while providing an anchor point for fastening the crown and pan down. This option is required by some chimney pipe manufacturers.

Chase Top Enhancements

Many times, in order to meet the UL requirements of a homeowners chimney, we are required to manufacture a Chimney Top Enhancement which enlarges the chimney top to fit the cap, as well as creates a beautiful pedistal for your crown to sit upon. Our chimney caps are designed to sit right on top of these functional additions to your chimney!

Divider Plate

An additional metal shield built into the shroud to separate termination caps and strengthen the shroud. Required for multiple termination caps.

Exotic options

We strive to offer our customers every option we can. Neon Lights, Mosaic Tiles, Solar Powered LED lights, Iron sculptures, Waterfalls, Mixed Media, Accents galore, You name it! We like to give you the opportunity to present us with any idea, no matter how far out!

Faux Deco Pipes

To create a New England style look, we offer the option of Faux deco top flue pipes to adorn the top of your Chimney Cap. These are available in several ways.

Grills & Lattice

Grills and Lattice can help keep things out while looking decorative! We offer many stock designs and can accomodate custom requests. We offer Mesh, Screen, Louvers, Crosses, Diamond or Square Lattice.

Half Rounds - Faux Clay tile

Our 1/2 rounds are available for most of our chimney cap styles. These Terra Cotta imitation rounds are a great addition.

Heat Shield

An additional metal shield built into the bottom portion of the shroud to protect the chase against the heat which radiates from the Termination caps. Cross broken for strength and pitch.


Standard height of our caps varies according to style. There is a slight upcharge for custom heights

Open Top

19" and 22"

Mail Box

28" and 32"

House Roof

28" and 32"

Leg Attachment Styles

Chimney King offers a wide array of leg and foot attachment styles for each and every one of our Chimney caps. These are a selection of six of our most common. The standard (basic) leg is our #1 Out-Flange. This is simply a vertical leg (3" height standard) with tabs at the bottom for ease of attatching it to the top of the chimney.

#1 Out-Flange

#2 Inside Plate

#3 In N' Out

#4 Over Corner

#5 Invisileg

#6 Full Surround Over Corner

Leg Bases

We are happy to offer custom Bases for any of our Cap Styles.

Painted Interior

Our Chimney Caps come standard with an unpainted interior. With many of our Painted Steel colors, the inside of the cap is a light cream color which can sometimes be seen from the ground. We offer the option of painting the inside black to hide those colors.

Recessed Panels

Recessed Panels really make that ordinary cap, extraordinary! They can follow the outline, be squared off, or even multiples.

Reinforced Roof / Spanish Tile / Slate

We offer reinforced roofs with spanish tile supports for those who would like to put spanish tile on their cap! We also offer Durock sheating for slate tile use.


Screening keeps those unwanted debries and animals out of your chimney.


All our slope sided shrouds can be customized. Some of these include our Monarch, Regal, Dynasty, Empress, and Prince. Standard slopes usually range from 4" to 6" per side from the bottom to the top. We can customize your slope per design or UL requirements. Standard slopes are listed.

Snow/Rain Roofs

Snow and rain roofs are metal shields above the crown to keep out the rain and snow. For architectural or ventilation modifications please contact us.


A great option for many of our Cap Styles is the addition of top and bottom trims! Single, double, triple, and custom profiles are available.


Leg Profile 1A

Leg Profile 1B

Leg Profile 1C


Leg Profile 2A

Leg Profile 2B

Leg Profile 2C


Leg Profile 3A

Leg Profile 3B

Leg Profile 3C


Leg Profile 4A

Leg Profile 4B

Leg Profile 4C


Leg Profile 5A

Leg Profile 5B

Leg Profile 5C

Vented Roofs

Vented roofs are available on our Mailbox and House Roof styles. Convertible, T-top, or custom roof vents for architectural & UL vent requirements. Openings can be screened for improved aesthetics.

Windows & Arches

We offer Windows and Arched openings in square, Rectangular, Round, Eyebrow, and Pointed Arches on our Mailbox, House Roof, and some Open Top styles.

We strive to make the finest variety of chimney caps and related products the world has ever seen. Ideas for new caps and related products are welcome too! Just let us know how we can help you and serve your building needs.